Polycrystalline Solar Cell price

EO Solar Energy is a professional solar cell manufacturer, we have many different size and shape polycrystalline solar cell and the cells also can be customized for different usages. Our polycrystalline solar cell has the advantages of high quality, high efficiency and low price.

Details Of Round Shape Polycrystalline Solar Cell

Package Of Round Shape Polycrystalline Solar Cell
Foam & 5 layers carton box (Wooden Box and Pallet for Large Order)
MOQ: 1000Pcs

Polycrystalline solar cell modules may not be as efficient as monocrystalline cell, but they are much easier to produce, and save the cost far manufacturing. This makes them much affordable for customers. Polycrystalline solar cell modules could put solar power into the hands of people who wanna save more for a high efficiency solar system. Polycrystalline Solar Cell price