Customized Magnet Contactor

Vibrate Magnet Contactor can detect the vibration and respond the host. It is very simple structure but can work very perfectly without any maintanence. Vibrate Magnet Contactor can compete very well against other Switches.

ModelContact FormContact PowerSize(mm)Specialty(Contacts)
GlassDiameterFull length
ORD2131A1W7.0maxφ1.80max35.8 ± 0.3Super Mini(Rh)
ORD213S1A1W7.0maxφ1.80max13Super Mini SMD(Rh)
ORD2191A10W12.0maxφ2.00max44.3 ± 0.3Common Mini(Rh)
ORD2211A10W13.0maxφ2.30max44.2 ± 0.3Mini Flat(Rh)
ORD22211A10W13.0maxφ2.30max56.7 ± 0.3Mini Contact Long Contact(Rh)
ORD228VL1A10W14.0maxφ2.20max44.3 ± 0.3Mini(Rh)
ORD228S-11A10W14.0maxφ2.20max19.6 ± 0.3Mini(Rh)
ORD22201A10W14.0maxφ2.20max56.7 ± 0.3Mini Wide(Rh)
ORD2291ADC50W/AC70W21.0maxφ2.75max55.4 ± 0.3High Voltage&Power (Rh)
ORD22101ADC50W/AC70W21.0maxφ2.75max55.4 ± 0.3High Power (Rh)
ORD2210V1A100W21.0maxφ2.75max55.4 ± 0.3Vacuum Voltage&Power(Rh)
ORD22111A50W(12V-3.4)16.5maxφ2.80max44.1 ± 0.3LED style(Rh)
ORD22121A10W16.5maxφ2.80max43.9 ± 0.3Closed Value(Rh)
ORD2341A10W21.0maxφ3.50max43.4 ± 0.3Long life(Rh)
ORD92151A10W17.0maxφ2.80max44.1 ± 0.5Mini(Rh)
ORD92161A10W14.0maxφ2.20max44.3 ± 0.5Mini(Rh)
ORT5511C3W14.0maxφ2.54maxN.O51.6 ± 0.3Super Mini COM(Rh)
N.C56.1 ± 0.3
ORD3111A10W7.0maxφ1.80max35.8 ± 0.3Life Super Mini(lr)
ORD3121A30W12.0maxφ2.00max44.3 ± 0.3Power/Life(lr)
RA-9011A10W2.5±0.2(W)2.5±0.2(H)19.5±0.2(L)Mini SMD(Finished)
RA-9031A1.0W2.1±0.2(W)2.1±0.2(H)12.3±0.2(L)Mini SMD(Finished)

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